“”All good plans and all that. Well, we had superb plans – always do – but sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Don’t worry, we’ll be racing in the Asian Le Mans Series, and it’s not Alg**** Pro, shipping container bad!

Not quite anyway but close! So, the #66 Vantage was all packed up and ready to go, trucked off to our preferred Spanish port, just 10KM from our base. ‘All good’ I hear you cry. Well, not really.

Three weeks later, the said port informs us that, no, the container is not docking in Dubai, or anywhere near the vicinity of the United Arab Emirates…

With bated breath, we pause, and gingerly (and nervously) ask, where actually is our precious Vantage and the additional cargo?  Wait for it…  It’s still here in lovely Spain, they reply!

Brilliant and oh, the joy.

Steffan, our esteemed team leader and bearded team principal; well, how he laughed. You could almost hear his exuberant guffaws here in the East Midlands, from where the Press Officer writes. Once he regained his sanity, it was a case of ‘what the hell can we do?’

He’s a very smart team leader, no doubt, but not a billionaire. As he rubbed his impressive jaw, it took just seconds of to come to the decision. It was obvious, he knew that the only option would be air freight!

“We’re Bullitt Racing, and we are representing one of the coolest brands on earth,” he certainly didn’t declare. “We go racing!” A plethora of Sons Beard later, Steffan, with a shaky hand, penned the deal.  

“Yes, it costs six times more to go by air, but hell, we’re committed to the Asian Le Mans Series, the ACO, the important people in endurance racing, those in suits an all. By hook-or-by-crook, Bullitt Racing will represent the Aston Martin brand this February!”

So, this is where the story ends.  And yet it is just beginning… 

Love to the family.